Pete’s Greens outlines plans to reinvest donated funds

first_imgRising out of the ashes of a barn which was destroyed in a fire on January 12 at Pete’s Greens is an initiative to ensure that funding is available for other Vermont farmers in the future.  Recent donations through a variety of fundraisers will provide Pete’s Greens with an opportunity to rebuild the barn as a more efficient building that will better suit the farms needs. However, Pete Johnson, owner of Pete’s Greens, anticipates that within two to three years, the farm will be able to pay the money forward and has plans to create a fund that will support Vermont agricultural businesses.‘We have been so overwhelmed by how generous everyone has been and we want this money to live on again another day,’ said Pete Johnson. ‘The idea is that in a few years from now, we’ll start to put the money into a fund that will be managed by a committee or board made up of local folks. That money will go back out into the community to be used in a variety of ways: farm disaster relief, farm to school programs or loans to new or small farms. We are committed to paying it forward. It’s being given to us with such love and thoughtfulness that we really want the funding to do more good work down the line.’The barn that was destroyed in the January fire housed the farm’s wash-house, stored vegetables and meats, vegetable coolers, vegetable washing and packing equipment, a walk-in freezer, tractors and a significant amount of supplies. Johnson indicated after the fire that the structure was under-insured. He had set values on the barn in recent years but hadn’t added the new additions or equipment to the insurance policy. The result was an under-insurance policy for approximately 50% of the replacement cost of the building and the equipment. In addition, the $250,000 worth of stored vegetables and meats were also not insured.‘We’ve been focused on getting permits and developing the plans for the new building with the goal of breaking ground in early March,’ said Johnson. ‘If all goes well, the building will be in full use by mid-June which means we’ll be back to full production capacity.’Despite suffering the catastrophe of the barn fire, Pete’s Greens is gearing up for a successful spring and summer growing season for its retail and CSA membership programs. Sign-up is underway already for Summer CSA shares and joining the CSA offers an additional way to support Johnson as he and the farm crew begin to plant for the summer harvest.  A spring share will also be offered and is anticipated to begin in April.  Pete’s Greens is a four season organic vegetable farm located in Craftsbury, VT and owned by Peter Johnson. The farm’s top priority is growing a wide variety of crops to feed Vermonters year round. Good Eats is based on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model in which customers pay up front for vegetables and other farm products receiving a share each week. Shares at Pete’s Greens save members an average of 18% per week over retail prices. Pete’s Greens vegetables are also sold at regional stores and restaurants as well as local farmers’ markets. More information is available at is external). Source: Craftsbury, VT., February 22, 2011’Pete’s Greens.last_img read more

Suffolk Residents Called to Comment on New Area Codes

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The 631 area code used for Suffolk County telephone calls will run out of assignable phone numbers in two years, and residents can comment on proposed solutions at public hearings next week.The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) proposed two options for adding a new area code to the county. The first is the industry’s preferred option of an overlay, which allows everyone to keep their number so that only new ones get the new area code. Or, there could be a geographic split, which would divide the county into two regions each with its own area code—meaning half the county would have their existing numbers changed.“The Public Service Commission is very much interested in hearing public comment on this area code issue,” said James Denn, a spokesman for the commission. “Those comments will be considered as part of the commission’s decision making process.”Neustar, a corporation that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designated as the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), warned the PCS in May that Suffolk’s 631 numbers are expected to run out in early 2016.“Within three years of an area code exhausting, what will happen is NANPA will bring the industry together to look at the available options and put together a consensus recommendation,” said John Manning, the senior director of NANPA.The 631 area code has served Suffolk County since it was split from the 516 area code that serves Nassau County in 1999. What three digits would make up the proposed new area code was not yet known.If the overlay option is used, Suffolk would have area code relief for about 45 years, according to NANPA’s current projection. The downside? Current FCC regulations would require 10-digit dialing within the county once the overlay is put in place.A geographic split, on the other hand, would divide the county into two different area codes in a north-south line down the western edges of Smithtown, Central Islip and Islip. NANPA projects that telephone numbers for the area west of the line would exhaust in about 44 years. Numbers to the east would exhaust in about 47 years.Although residents and businesses with existing telephone numbers in the new area would be required to adopt the new area code, a geographic split would not require 10-digit dialing within the same area code.In its warning to the PSC, NANPA recommended the overlay over the geographic split. The last geographic split used for area code relief was in New Mexico in 2007, according to Manning.“The overlay is easier to implement,” Manning said. “When you start subdividing areas, they get smaller and smaller until they lose any geographic significance.”The four public hearings will be held on the following two dates:Tuesday, July 15Evans K. Griffing Building, 300 Center Dr., Riverhead. 1 p.m.: Informational Forum. 2 p.m.: Public Hearing.Sachem Public Library, 150 Holbrook Rd., Holbrook. 6:30 p.m.: Informational Forum. 7:30 p.m.: Public Hearing.Wednesday, July 16William H. Rogers Legislative Building, 725 Veterans Memorial Hwy., Smithtown. 1 p.m.: Informational Forum. 2 p.m.: Public Hearing.South Huntington Public Library, 145 Pidgeon Hill Rd., Huntington Station. 6 p.m.: Informational Forum. 7 p.m.: Public Hearing.last_img read more

7 things you need to know about marketing

first_img 148SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John San Filippo John is the co-founder of OmniChannel Communications, Inc., a company that specializes in B2B marketing to community financial institutions. He started out in the savings and loan industry, but wisely … Web: Details What is marketing? That’s a question I’ve attempted to answer many times, in many ways, both for myself and for others. While my answers have always been accurate and truthful, I can’t honestly say any single answer has ever been complete.Marketing is (and isn’t) a lot of different things, depending on the context. With that thought in mind, here’s my list of the most important points about marketing. Marketing is not a process.This is soooo important. As a marketing manager, this is something I tried to instill in every person who ever worked for me. You can’t limit marketing to checklists, spreadsheets, and reports. If you take a cookie-cutter approach to marketing, you get cookie-cutter results (or no results at all). And yet this is exactly what I see many marketing professionals do. Marketing is reactive.Sometimes the word reactive carries a negative connotation, that it implies some lack of planning. Planning is important but no more important than being flexible and being aware of changing environments. If Google Maps tells you to take the bridge and the bridge is out when you get there, are you going to drive your car into the river for the sake of sticking with the plan? Or I could use a sports example. Ask 2017 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack if he thinks being reactive is a bad thing. Marketing is cumulative.Marketing executives like to see results. Anything that doesn’t produce measurable results has no value. They want to see that someone clicked the link, hit the landing page, downloaded the white paper, initiated a sales contact, and eventually bought the product. This naïve approach totally ignores all the other times your brand likely touched that user before he or she ever clicked that link. Bottom line: There’s some very good marketing that just can’t be quantifiably measured. Marketing is not lead generation.Lead generation is a part of marketing – and an important part, to be sure – but it’s only a part nonetheless. Perhaps, unfortunately, the digital age has conditioned many executives to equate marketing with only lead generation. That’s because digital marketing is very good at generating and tracking leads. Lead generation and digital marketing are only part of a successful marketing plan. Marketing is not the realm of sales folk.There’s one school of thought that believes great salespeople inevitably make great marketers. Nothing personal, sales folk, but I’ve never actually seen this proven out in real life. That’s because salespeople only see the parts of marketing that impact them directly – like lead generation. And we all know (now anyway) that there’s more to marketing than lead generation. Marketing is a discipline unto itself. Marketing is strategic.I once wrote that marketing is the strategic side of the coin, and sales is the tactical side of the same coin. Sales say, “Buy something from me today.” Marketing says, “Let me plant a seed so you’re more likely to buy something from me tomorrow.” Is that to say marketing is more important than sales? I’m not that delusional. A company can go a lot further with a great sales team and so-so marketing than with a so-so sales team and great marketing. The big payday comes when you have both great sales and great marketing. Marketing is important to your organization’s success. I’d much rather have a mediocre product and great marketing than a great product with mediocre marketing. Just look at McDonald’s. A McDonald’s hamburger tastes like an old shoe and is slightly less healthy, but thanks to aggressive marketing, they sell millions of them. Marketing makes a difference. Do you have your own thoughts about what marketing is and isn’t? Leave a comment below or drop me an email.last_img read more

A phenomenal project is launched – the Olympics of traditional Dalmatian games

first_imgPicigin Authenticity is the main ingredient or essence of tourism. This is the main motive and reason why people travel – to experience something new and different. As time went on, I got to know Dalmatia better and better, so I learned that there are many Dalmatian games that were played in different parts of the region. Many were specific to just one village, and many were extinct because the new generations preferred to spend time behind various screens rather than playing the traditional Dalmatian games of their grandparents ’generations.  As I walked through Trogir, I could imagine an event where locals and tourists would compete with each other in various Dalmatian games in various squares, reviving the entire city in celebration of the region’s heritage. And it would be a great opportunity for the older generations to get involved.  If you are interested in helping us develop this idea, please also let me know.  On the other hand, I constantly emphasize that we must respect ourselves in order for others to respect us as well. We must be proud of our culture and way of life. But we also have to live it. Unfortunately, in this transition and pressure of modern life, we have just lost ourselves. We have lost touch with our roots, our tradition, our culture and ultimately our identity. And that is why the idea of ​​starting the Olympics of traditional Dalmatian games is so simple and natural, and therefore – ingenious. Kushini ON ASSES & SMALL BRANKS Rotten mare Tourism is in danger of losing its authenticity and I personally think that if we could bring the community back into tourism, as it was fifteen years ago, everyone would benefit from it, which I have recently discussed. wrote . And imagine when we would revive and celebrate all these traditional Dalmatian games, bring them to one place for local people and tourists, learn how to play and then compete in them?  FRANCIS Balun o ‘hands There are SO MANY obscure Dalmatian games in individual villages that are slowly dying out. Why not revive them and celebrate them at the Olympics of traditional Dalmatian games? Get involved! What time is it? We must be proud of our history, identity and culture and way of life. This must be our main tourist product. We must be what we are – Dalmatians, Slavonians, Zagorje, Istrians – Croats. HOOP ON WEDGE We must not be copies, but originals, be what we are, because no one wants to see and experience a “fake” copy. We are constantly looking for each other and trying to invent some new holy grail how to position ourselves, and the reality is completely different. We just have to be who we are. I emphasize again – our history, identities and most of all our way and culture of living. We are that holy grail. It’s already Black Marica, two, three! I decided on Facebook to ask people to contribute, listing the traditional Dalmatian games they remember from the village of their childhood. The list is pretty disorganized for now, but it seems like a good starting point. Not all of these games can be turned into competitive sports, but some of them certainly can.  PIKE FEFA TRILJA PLJOČKA BALOTE Paul Bradbury, TCN: Why shouldn’t we have Olympics of traditional Dalmatian games?  During lunch, I chatted with a couple dressed in traditional Dalmatian clothes. They have been married for 60 years and enthusiastically talked about Trogir of their childhood and the games they played. I thought – if we could involve the older generation, to share with us their memories, experiences, photos and the like, how much richer could this event be? And there is no better place to hold it than Trogir.  SPECULAS Frnje Below I bring the words of the author of this great project, Paula Bradburya owner of the portal Total Croatia News. A project that everyone in Dalmatia should support and embrace, at least they should. BALINJERE PIKULE At the border guard  MINCHO One of the special things of that unforgettable day in Trogir was to see the children of Trogir playing traditional Dalmatian games on the streets and squares of the old town, which is protected by UNESCO (this is called trilj, and the new logo of Trogir is based on it).  It is this authenticity and diversity in all aspects, from gastronomy to lifestyle, that creates a unique differentiation from the competition and, most importantly, originality that you cannot copy. PUSHING A BARILLE WHEEL During the ten years of living on Hvar, I had never heard of that game, and neither did most of the locals I asked about it. I thought it was a fantastic idea, to revive some of the island’s traditions. When we found the XNUMX-year-old player Zoga Falo in the village, who shared with us the sporting experiences of his youth, it was the icing on the cake of a great idea. You can see more about the game of zoga falo and the atmosphere during an unforgettable evening in Svirč in the Hvar TV supplement below Zoga falo Do we miss any? Send us some information as well as the village / town where it was played on with the message title “Games”. We’ll see what else can be found and if we can organize great alternative Olympics.  Among the attractions was a game called Zoga Falo, a traditional game that is mostly played in Svirč, sometimes in the villages of Vrisnik and Velo Grablje and in one or two villages on Brač.   A parrot that cheers Shalikurca Almost 8 years ago, a new wine festival was announced in a village in the interior of Hvar. It was supposed to be a celebration of the local wine variety Bogdanuša, as well as various aspects of the culture of the village of Svirče  Lovice SCHOOL And then last November, on a beautiful sunny and really special day, Trogir presented its new branding, “Marked by the masters“. It was a really different day, which revived all the best in Dalmatia and all its traditions.  LAŠTIK Lark Why shouldn’t we Olympics of traditional Dalmatian games?  Next (thumbnails) Rampada PLOJKE  Author: Paul Bradbuty, TCNlast_img read more

Where are they now?

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East Kutai regent, legislative council speaker named graft suspects following arrests

first_imgThe antigraft body also named Musyaffa, Suriansyah, Aswandini and the two businesspeople as suspects in the case. All suspects were immediately detained in Jakarta.Nawawi added the investigation against Ismunandar was the first investigation launched after the passing of the revised KPK Law. “We had wiretapped [Ismunandar] after receiving a report from a member of the general public in February.”Graft busters previously arrested the regent, his wife and 13 others during an operation in Jakarta, East Kutai and the provincial capital of Samarinda on Thursday evening. They seized Rp 170 million in cash, several savings books with a total balance of Rp 4.8 billion and a certificate of time deposit amounting to Rp 1.2 billion.The arrest operation was the third carried out under the KPK’s new leader, Comr. Gen. Firli Bahuri. In January, graft busters netted East Java’s Sidoarjo regent Saiful Ilah and General Elections Commission (KPU) commissioner Wahyu Setiawan in two separate operations. (kuk) On June 11, Aditya and Deky promised to give Rp 550 million and Rp 2.1 billion, respectively, to the regent through East Kutai Financial and Asset Management Board head Suriansyah and revenue agency head Musyaffa. They also allegedly gave the illicit money to Encek.The antigraft body suspected Aditya of previously transferring Rp 100 million as an “Idul Fitri holiday bonus [THR]” to Ismunandar, Musyaffa, Suriansyah and East Kutai Public Works Agency head Aswandini on May 19. The businessman also wired Rp 125 million to a bank account owned by an individual identified as Aini for Ismunandar’s campaign in the upcoming regional election.Read also: KPK asks for nearly Rp 1t in additional funds to support graft fight, change in employment status“The illicit money was allegedly given because [Ismunandar] guaranteed that companies appointed to work on the projects wouldn’t get their budget cut. Meanwhile, [Encek], as DPRD speaker, intervened in the appointment in the procurement project,” Nawawi said during a press briefing on Friday. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) named Ismunandar, the regent of East Kutai in East Kalimantan, as well as his wife, East Kutai Legislative Council (DPRD) speaker Encek Unguria R. Firgasih graft suspects in a bribery case pertaining to several infrastructure projects in the regency.Both suspects allegedly accepted at least Rp 2.6 billion (US$179,393) from businesspeople Aditya Maharani and Deky Aryanto, whose companies had been working on several infrastructure projects across the regency.KPK deputy chairman Nawawi Pomolango said Aditya had worked on several projects with a total value of Rp 28.4 billion, while Deky was appointed as a contractor for projects offered by the East Kutai Education Agency valued at Rp 40 billion.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Buy-bust nets 110 grams ‘shabu’

first_imgSerfino was detained in the lockupcell of Police Station 3, facing charges for violation of Republic Act 9165, orthe Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.  BACOLOD City – Suspected shabuweighing about 110 grams valued at around P1.3 million was seized in a buy-bustoperation in Barangay Banago.  The suspects were arrested after theysold suspected shabu to an undercover cop for P1,000 around 2 p.m. on Oct. 1,the report added.  The 24-year-old John Carlo Serfino ofBarangay 1 and a male minor yielded the suspected illegal drugs, a policereport showed.      The minor suspect, meanwhile, wasturned over to the custody of the Department of Social Welfare andDevelopment./PNlast_img read more

‘Celebrate town, brgy fiestas sans mass gatherings’

first_imgIloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. wants a uniform “enhanced community quarantine pass” throughout the province. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN “Temporaryoman lang ‘ni. Mas maayo nga himuon ta ‘ni subong sang sa magdaku ang problema,” he said. Traditionally, the fiestais a time of joyful celebration. Peopleprepare heaps of hearty dishes, throw open their doors to visitors, andparade on the streets. Regarding fiestas, according to Defensor, what’s prohibited areprograms or activities with mass gatherings such as the coronation program forthe fiesta queen, public dances and sports tournaments, among others. * monitoring and recording of guests from tourism accommodationestablishments who have travel history from affected countries/PN “Waay natongin-suspend ang fiesta kay indi naton ma-suspend ang kaadlawan sang patron. Ang aton gin-suspendang paghiwat sang public events nga damo tawo,” stressed Defensor. In Spanish, fiesta meansfeast. The ban is an “additional disease control measure” to Defensor’sprevious Executive Order No. 028 which directed the following: People can continue preparing big meals for the celebration, heclarified. * mandatory accomplishment of the “passenger declaration andhealth declaration card” by those entering the province via domestic andinternational flights or vessels ILOILO – Towns and barangays may still celebrate their fiestas butthe celebration must not involve mass gatherings, clarified Gov. ArthurDefensor Jr. * inspection / clearing / checking of foreign vessels includingthe crew for COVID-19 in their second or subsequent port of entry in theprovince by the Bureau of Quarantine * mobilization of barangay volunteers such as Barangay HealthWorkers, Barangay Nutrition Scholars and Barangay Service Point Officers tomonitor and record returning residents and transient with travels fromcountries positive for COVID-19, and similar strains; and The governor issued Executive Order No. 028-B on March 10 banninglarge public gatherings for 45 days as a precautionary measure against thepossible spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Doing away with mass gatherings during fiesta celebrations is anecessary sacrifice at this time, said Defensor.last_img read more

Bill Barr to CNN, “Jacob Blake was shot by police while committing a felony”

first_imgDemocratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden will meet with business and community leaders along with the family and attorney for Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin today as Attorney General William Barr tells CNN Blake was shot by police while committing a felony. explained that there is a big difference between the George Floyd and the Jacob Blake cases because Floyd was already in custody, handcuffed, subdued and unarmed; whereas, Blake had access to a knife and was committing a crime while being arrested.Attorney General William Barr says unarmed Black people are rarely shot by white police officers. Barr told CNN the notion that police shootings are an epidemic is “simply a false narrative.”last_img read more

ICFRA Chairman accepts invitation to GNRA 150th Caribbean C/ships

first_imgPHIL Harrison, chairman of the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Association (ICFRA) Commonwealth Committee has accepted an invitation from the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) to be a part of Guyana’s 150th Anniversary celebration, which also doubles with the West Indies Fullbore championships from October 9 to 15 at the Timehri Rifle Ranges.According to Guyana’s Fullbore captain Mahendra Persaud, Guyana is once again privileged to welcome Harrison back in Guyana following his visit here with Middlesex Rifle Shooting Association of Great Britain in 2009.Harrison’s expertise in the technical aspect of the sport will go a long way in assisting the smooth flow of the championships which will have over 140 marksmen from around the world present and will be the biggest rifle-shooting event in the Caribbean.Guyanese shooters hold the titles of the defending long- and short-range champions and will be looking to make a successful defence of those titles as they will take on Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda as well as some of the best nations at the world level, including Great Britain, Australia, Canada, USA, Scotland and Wales.According to the GNRA, the association has spent millions of dollars to refurbish the Timehri Ranges and the Guyana Defence Force has been very supportive in every regard.The logistics, in terms of accommodation and transportation, among other areas, have almost been ironed out and the Guyana team commenced training last Sunday, but the inclement weather caused the practice shoot to be cut short.However, the local marksmen will `play catch up’ today and tomorrow in order to get in shape.last_img