Garden Party in Amherst

first_imgThe lieutenant governor is taking her garden party on the road. The public is invited to attend the party on Aug. 26, at the Cumberland County Museum and Archives, 150 Church St., Amherst. This is the first garden party the lieutenant governor has hosted outside of the Halifax Region. “From the day of my installation meeting people in their own communities has been a priority for me,” said Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis. “Hosting a garden party outside of the Halifax region seemed like the next step in making the Office of the Lieutenant Governor accessible to as many Nova Scotians as possible.” The event will run from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., refreshments will be served and all are welcome. The dress is business. Volunteers from the Amherst Township Historical Society helped organize the party.last_img read more

I still stand behind my decision to publish former editor says of

first_imgA former editor at the New York Review of Books says he stands by his decision to publish a controversial essay written by disgraced former radio host Jian Ghomeshi.Ian Buruma told Vrij Nederland, a Dutch magazine, that he lost his job after an intense backlash to the article from social media and magazine advertisers.“It is rather ironic: as editor of The New York Review of Books I published a theme issue about #MeToo offenders who had not been convicted in a court of law but by social media,” the Dutch native said to Vrij.“And now I myself am publicly pilloried.”Last week, the magazine published Ghomeshi’s essay, titled “Reflections from a Hashtag,” where he wrote he had “deep remorse” for the way he treated people, but said the accusations from the women were inaccurate.Ghomeshi was acquitted in March 2016 of four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking involving three women and later signed a peace bond after apologizing to a fourth woman that saw another count of sexual assault withdrawn.The essay sparked an online backlash from those who said the former CBC radio host should not have been given such a prestigious platform to write an unchallenged first-person piece. Critics complained that the piece wasn’t properly fact-checked and was self-serving to a man trying to rehabilitate his image.On Wednesday, the magazine added an editorial note clarifying several details about the allegations against Ghomeshi, how they emerged and the legal proceedings that followed.Buruma says he was not fired from the prestigious literary magazine, but felt forced to resign after he was told by his publisher that university publishers who advertise in the Review of Books were threatening a boycott.“They are afraid of the reactions on the campuses, where this is an inflammatory topic,” Buruma said to Vrij.“Because of this, I feel forced to resign — in fact it is a capitulation to social media and university presses.”He admits he didn’t gauge the forces of the #MeToo movement.“I still stand behind my decision to publish,” Buruma says now. “I expected that there would (be) intense reactions, but I hoped that it would open a discussion about what to do with people who behaved badly, but who were acquitted in a court of law.”Romayne Smith Fullerton, an associate professor in Western University’s faculty of information and media studies, said it’s the intransigence of those with influence like Buruma that has made her less and less optimistic about the potential for gender equality in journalism and beyond over her 22 years of teaching.“It makes me feel like we haven’t come very far,” she said. “I feel often like there’s more push back. That there are less people who are willing to even stand up for equality, let alone what I would see as advancing the cause of women.”Smith Fullerton said the magazine’s lack of transparency about the events that transpired over the roughly weeklong controversy has sown distrust among readers.“I would like to see the magazine step up, and acknowledge what they see as their own deficiencies,” she said. “One of the biggest and most valuable pieces of currency journalism has is credibility. If you’re going to throw it under the bus, don’t be sad when you don’t have an audience.”There is a place for journalism about the cultural forces that have enabled bad male behaviour, said Smith Fullerton, as well as the perspectives of men who have been accused, like Ghomeshi. But those accounts shouldn’t come in the form of an unchallenged, first-person essay in a highbrow literary magazine, she said.“Until we actually reach a spot where we are in fact equal, then we need to advocate on the side of those who are not equal,” she said. “And we do not yet have an equal workplace, a equal social sphere, or an equal public sphere.”The New York Review of Books declined to comment.last_img read more

Interior Roads changes name to Dawson Road Maintenance Ltd

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Since recently acquiring the highways maintenance contract for the North Peace, Interior Roads has made the decision to rename the company.As of today, May 10, Interior Roads will now be going under the name Dawson Road Maintenance Ltd.Division Manager of Operations for Dawson Road Maintenance, Sam McCarthy, says the new name will reflect the company’s shift of servicing Northeastern B.C., then just in the Interior. “With our move into Northern B.C., the new name makes a lot of sense. Our operations have expanded beyond the Interior.”The Company will now be in the process of installing the new logo on all of its vehicles and signs in all service areas.The Company was awarded the contract to service North Peace highways in April, with the contract taking effect on June 1, 2019 following the longtime contract of Yellowhead Road & Bridge North Peace Ltd.last_img read more

Liberia expert panel urges Security Council to extend UN mission

23 June 2009A group of experts monitoring United Nations sanctions on Liberia has called for the extension of the world body’s peacekeeping mission in the West African country to assist the Government in regaining control of its natural resources. The mid-term report of the Panel of Experts on Liberia recommended that the UN Mission, known as UNMIL, help Monrovia re-establish administration of its natural resources and authority over mining and forestry. The group also said that efforts to ensure that rough diamonds from Côte d’Ivoire do not enter Liberia must be intensified through strengthened internal controls over diamond mining and trading, as well as continued collaboration with the Kimberley Process – an international initiative joining governments, industry and civil society to stem the flow of conflict diamonds – and with neighbouring countries.The panel of experts was appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in July 2007 to renew investigations of whether UN sanctions against Liberia are enforced after learning of allegations that former president Charles Taylor may still have access to considerable wealth.In its report, the group reviewed the lifting of embargoes on the export of diamonds and timber, along with the Council’s travel ban and assets freeze imposed on certain individuals associated with Mr. Taylor, who’s currently on trial in The Hague on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.The panel said that it is investigating allegations of unapproved travel by individuals under the Council’s ban amid reports that the Liberian Government has issued at least four passports, including a diplomatic one to listed individuals. Among its proposals, the panel suggested that enforcement of the travel ban could be strengthened with greater collaboration with organizations such as INTERPOL. read more

Loose Women viewers criticise weird decision to axe ITV show on International

first_img Show more Ruth Langsford told Loose Women viewers that the show would not be on air because of an ITV News Budget specialCredit:Ian West/PA However, another fan said the show being cancelled is “not an outrage”, adding: “Women not having access to sanitary products is. Priorities.”Host Ruth Langsford announced the news to groans from the audience on Tuesday’s programme. It’s #InternationalWomensDay and Loose Women isn’t on :(— Stephen Leng (@steveleng) March 8, 2017 @loosewomen I am certainly not happy about this at all cancelled because of the bloody budget as well as being on International Women’s Day— Louisa Thomas (@louisa1976) March 8, 2017 Loose Women fans have hit out at ITV’s “weird” decision to cancel the show on International Women’s Day.The popular daytime programme has been shifted to allow coverage of the Government’s Budget announcement.Fans noted on Twitter the show was being moved on the day marked to celebrate women.Louisa Thomas said in a post on the site that she was “certainly not happy” about the Budget taking priority: Ruth Langsford told Loose Women viewers that the show would not be on air because of an ITV News Budget special Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. @loosewomen International women’s day and they take @loosewomen off bit weird init?— Mark Williams (@markwillo2285) March 8, 2017 She said: “Just to remind you we’re not here tomorrow because of an ITV News Budget special.”I’m sorry, but the good news is we are back on Thursday and Gok Wan will be here.” I’d rather watch @loosewomen than the budget. :(— Natalie [37 Days] 🦄 (@boydie123) March 7, 2017last_img read more

Joy Mining maximises underground feederbreaker production – integrated tailpieces stability jacks

first_imgUnderground feeder-breakers from Joy Mining Machinery can now be equipped with integrated belt tailpieces and stability jacks.  Both of these new features are designed to increase the productivity and safety of operations. There are a number of specific benefits of these design features, which include:ProductivityShorter conveyor belt move timeHigher coal production due to quicker conveyor belt movesImproved conveyor belt-to-breaker alignment results in more productive transport of mined materials.Lowest cost per tonneImproved conveyor belt-to-breaker alignment results in minimal material spillage at breaker to conveyor belt transfer pointNo need to anchor breaker tailpiece to mine roof, floor and ribs; breaker with stability jacks (roof beam supports) has sufficient traction to pull the conveyor beltConveyor belt moves possible with one worker instead of the two or more workers needed to move breakers and separate tailpiecesThe two or three additional pieces of equipment that would normally be required to move a separate belt tailpiece are freed for use in other jobs during conveyor belt movesEasy installation of conveyor belt structure into the breaker mounted tailpiece due to replacement of manual belt handling with belt handling devices.Safer OperationSafer belt movesStronger anchoring methodThe belt is trained so that it runs straight, resulting in less spillage and safer operation.Seeking to improve its longwall panel advancement rate, a mine in the US recently purchased two JOY BF-14A-59-64C feeder-breakers with mounted tailpieces and has enjoyed increased productivity due to quicker conveyor belt moves. Joy engineers in Millersburg, Kentucky designed the breakers with mounted tailpieces, which eliminate the need to anchor the tailpieces to the mine floor, roof or ribs. They are also equipped with roof beam supports (stability jacks) that stabilise the feeder-breakers and belt tailpieces and protect them from the high tension associated with moving several thousand feet of belt. When a conveyor belt needs to be moved, the breaker roof beam supports are lowered from the roof and it trams toward the mine face, pulling the panel conveyor belt as the feeder-breaker advances. When the conveyor belt has reached its new location, the Feeder-Breaker roof supports are anchored back into the roof. The feeder-breakers are processing up to 1,090 t/h.The breakers are equipped with many other upgrades and features that are designed to allow customers to achieve lowest-possible-cost-per-ton production and increased productivity. These upgrades and features include belt spreaders and highly-rated crawlers with maximum draw bar pull, direct-drive breakers that reduce wear on components such as chains and sprockets, 460-mm reverse crawlers that provide maximum torque operation at low speed and are very well suited for conveyor belt structure pulling, three-way dumps for shuttle car unloading, 89-mm pitch conveyor chains, and umbilical remote trams.last_img read more

Prepare for indoor iPhone tracking as Apple buys WiFiSLAM

first_imgIt’s now common practice for the GPS location of your mobile device to be used by certain apps. Your location can help when using a mapping app to navigate to a specific location, for fitness apps that are tracking your progress running/walking, or for advertising when providing local offers. However, that GPS tracking falls apart when you go indoors as it’s difficult, if not impossible to maintain a signal and pinpoint your device’s location.Apple looks set to fix that problem for its iDevices as the company has just acquired WiFiSLAM, a two-year-old Silicon Valley startup that specializes in tracking devices indoors.WiFiSLAM has developed a system that utilizes the existing ambient WiFi signals within a building to track device locations with an accuracy of 2.5 meters. The company has so far offered its tech to developers wanting to map indoor areas, customer engagement for retailers, and social networking applications, but with Apple taking control, I suspect it will become an internal project specific to Apple’s devices.As far as acquisitions go, this one is tiny for Apple. It is thought they paid $20 million for WiFiSLAM whose founders include former Google software engineer Joseph Huang. And as is typical, Apple isn’t willing to discuss what plans if any they have for WiFiSLAM’s tech.We recently heard about Cambridge Consultants developing a very accurate indoor location system that relies on a range of sensors, an algorithm, and Bayesian probability rather than GPS to figure out where you are. WiFiSLAM’s solution looks to be a lot simpler, and therefore much easier to ship as a core feature in a near future iOS release.last_img read more

ASA Director to Be Recognized as Champion of Change at White House

first_imgASA Director Mark Jackson speaks about sustainability at a TED-curated even in fall 2014. Photot: Screenshot from TED Talk YouTube videoAmerican Soybean Association (ASA) Director Mark Jackson will be honored at the White House Champions of Change in Agriculture event, along with other growers whose efforts in sustainability are helping address climate and environmental challenges.Jackson, of Rose Hill, Iowa, was nominated for this recognition of extraordinary individuals who have empowered and inspired their communities by teaching and practicing sustainable and climate-smart agriculture and will join the other nominees for the ceremony on Monday, Oct. 26 at the White House.The White House searched for nominees who met the following criteria:Producers who are implementing advanced agricultural practices that improve environmental conditions (air, soil, water, climate). These practices might include techniques that promote soil health, efficient nutrient application and management, livestock and manure management, energy efficiency, and other sustainable and climate-smart practices.Agriculture producers and educators that are teaching others about sustainable, climate-smart practices that maintain or improve yield and net profits while promoting environmental stewardship.Young farmers or entrepreneurs who are developing new techniques and technology that improve environmental conditions.Producers working in coordination with entities across the US agricultural supply chain to promote implementation of climate-smart practices.At a TED-curated event featuring speakers from around the community last fall, Jackson spoke about sustainability and how working on his five generation farm has drastically changed—yet stayed the same as agricultural practices have evolved. Click here to watch his TED Talk.last_img read more

Myanmar builds military bases in Rohingya homes mosques Amnesty

first_imgThis handout combination image of two satellite photographs released by Amnesty International and DigitalGlobe on 12 March, 2018 shows before and after images taken on 6 September, 2017 and 5 February, 2018 of new structures and helipads being built over agricultural fields in the village of Pa Da Kar Ywar Thit in Myanmar`s Rakhine State. Photo: AFPAfter driving nearly 700,000 Rohingya Muslims out of the country, Myanmar’s military is building bases where some of their homes and mosques once stood, Amnesty International said on Monday, citing new evidence from satellite imagery.A harsh security response to attacks by Rohingya insurgents on 25 Aug sent members of the mostly stateless minority fleeing to Bangladesh and saw more than 350 villages destroyed by fire in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state.An Amnesty report published on Monday echoed previous ones by saying the remains of some of those villages – and some buildings not previously damaged – had been bulldozed.As well as rapid housing and road construction in the area, at least three new security facilities were under construction, the global human rights group said. In one case, Rohingya villagers who had remained in Myanmar were forcibly evicted to make way for a base, it said.“What we are seeing in Rakhine State is a land grab by the military on a dramatic scale,” Tirana Hassan, Amnesty’s crisis response director, said in a statement. “New bases are being erected to house the very same security forces that have committed crimes against humanity against Rohingya.”At least four mosques that had not been wrecked by fire have been destroyed, or had their roofing or other materials removed, since late December, a time when significant conflict was not reported in the area, Amnesty said.In one Rohingya village, satellite imagery showed buildings for a new border police post appearing next to where a recently demolished mosque had stood.This handout combination image of two satellite photographs released by Amnesty International and DigitalGlobe on 12 March, 2018 shows before and after images taken on 25 October, 2017 and 27 February, 2018 of new structures and fencing built over the previously burnt village of Kan Kya in Myanmar`s Rakhine state. Photo: AFPSpokespeople for the government of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and the military were not immediately available for comment. Myanmar officials have said villages were being bulldozed to make way for new homes for returning refugees.Myanmar has asked for “clear evidence” to support the conclusion of the United Nations and others that ethnic cleansing has taken place in Rakhine.Myanmar and Bangladesh reached a deal in November to repatriate those who fled. Myanmar has said temporary camps to house returnees are ready, but the process has yet to start.Amnesty said Myanmar’s “reshaping” of the region where the Rohingya lived appeared to be designed to accommodate more security forces and non-Rohingya villagers, and could deter refugees from agreeing to return.”Rohingya who fled death and destruction at the hands of the security forces are unlikely to find the prospect of living in close proximity to those same forces conducive to a safe return,” the group said, “especially given the continuing lack of accountability for human rights violations.”last_img

Two killed in Feni gunfight

first_imgProthom Alo IllustrationTwo suspected drug traders were killed in a reported gunfight with members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Daganbhuiya of Feni early Wednesday, reports UNB.The deceased were Mohammad Asad, 42, son of Toru and Emamul Akond 24, son of Manik Akond of Rajoir upazila in Madaripur district.A team of RAB-7 gave signal to a covered van to stop around 2:30am, said squadron leader Shafayet Jamil Fahim of RAB-7 Feni camp.Defying the directive, the criminals then opened fire on the elite force members, forcing them to fire back in self-defence.At one stage, Asad and Emamul caught in the line of fire and died on the spot.The RAB team also recovered a one shutter gun, 13 bullets and 250 kgs of hemp from the spot. The team also seized the covered van.The law enforcement’s version of the incident, however, could not be verified independently as no versions of the incident were available immediately either from any witness or from the victim’s family.last_img read more

Houston Officials Criticize Federal Restraining Order Say Cleanup Coming To Encampment

first_img“It’s absolutely a disingenuous comment,” said American Civil Liberties Union attorney Trisha Trigilio, regarding Turner’s remarks that the restraining order prevents the city from properly ensuring health and safety in the camps. “The truth is that all the injunction said is that officers can’t ticket or arrest homeless people for living in tents, the city has every other policy option available,” she said. Trigilio said the city should install portable toilets and hand-washing stations to combat the spread of disease.The ACLU maintains that the city’s restrictions are a form of cruel punishment against the homeless. The ACLU is representing three homeless Houstonians in a lawsuit responsible for the restraining order.  A federal judge has asked for expedited briefs on the case which the city attorney said leads him to think the case will be decided quickly.   X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Sharecenter_img Listen Davis LandMayor Sylvester Turner and other Houston officials call for the cleanup of encampments within the city.A man was killed Tuesday near an encampment under 1-69 on Caroline Street, a fact Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is using to highlight what he said are increasingly dangerous conditions for Houston’s unsheltered.During a press conference at the site, Turner and other city officials called on a federal judge to undo a temporary restraining order that prevents the city from enforcing its restrictions on encampments. City officials also raised concerns of a public health problem. They say human waste in the camps is contaminating soil and spreading disease. Turner said a “deep cleansing” of the Caroline Street camp will begin next week, a process that involves clearing out anyone camped at the site, removing trash and human waste. “It’s a public space where everyone has the right to go,” Turner said, “but it’s a place where no one has the right to go and setup and take over a public space with tents, stoves furniture, and other property.”Davis LandA homeless encampment under I-69 where a man was shot and killed Tuesday.The ordinances blocked by the court aimed to limit the size and scope of what items people could bring onto public property, an effort to get people to choose city housing over encampments. With the restraining order in effect and the city’s ability to regulate the camps limited, Turner said sanitation and crime within the encampments has gotten worse.MORE: Addressing Houston’s Homeless Encampments 00:00 /10:25last_img read more

Alley Theatres Artistic Director Gregory Boyd Announces Retirement After 28 Years

first_imgPhoto via Alley TheatreThe Alley Theatre announced that Gregory Boyd will retire.Long-time Alley Theatre‘s Artistic Director Gregory Boyd is stepping down after 28 years. The Theatre announced Boyd’s retirement on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, taking effect on Thursday January 11, 2018.Boyd said he planned to announce his retirement last Fall, but decided to put his plans on hold following Hurricane Harvey to assist with the Theatre’s recovery efforts. “Leading this extraordinary theatre company in this wonderful city for over a quarter century has been an artistic dream fulfilled,” said Boyd. “With the marvelous efforts of the artists, staff, and Board, we created a state of the art theatre-making complex with performance, production, and administration all in a brilliant, expansive space that welcomes theatre-goers in a unique and exciting way. The Alley’s achievements have been a great source of satisfaction for me and I look forward to new achievements to come in the next era.”During his tenure, the Alley won a special Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre.Actor and director James Black will serve as interim Artistic Director. Having worked at the Alley Theatre as an actor and director since 1987, Black was involved in over 100 productions. One of the premiere theater executive search firms, Albert Hall & Associates, has been engaged to lead the search for a new Artistic Director of the Alley. The search is expected to take six to nine months. Sharelast_img read more

Senior Classes Available Through Osher Lifelong Learning

first_imgOsher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers a unique opportunity for seniors to continue learning at the university level. Subjects include: Politics, Law and Government; Visual Arts and Music; Literature and Language; Psychology, Sociology and Culture; Economics; Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Math; History and Geography; Philosophy and Religion. Classes are held in Northwest D.C. and Bethesda. Semesters are Fall and Spring and each semester is $275 which entitles a member to three (3) classes per semester.  Osher is a volunteer organization. Classes are led by volunteers and fees cover the costs of staff, rental space, the catalog, the website and registration system. For more information, please visit the OLLI website at or call 202-895-4860.last_img read more

Skyrim players to get Creation Kit dev tools in January

first_imgBetween now and the beginning of 2012 there’s going to be a lot of celebrations, and a lot of game playing. With Skyrim being so popular at the moment, a fair few hours will be spent exploring the game world and completing quests.By the time January comes around, there’s going to be a number of players well versed in the game mechanics and eager to start producing their own content for the title. Bethesda knows this, and has announced plans to release development tools for the game before the end of January.The tools will be offered under the name Creation Kit and are described as “the same development tools we used at Bethesda Game Studios.” Tools can’t be used well without documentation though, so Bethesda is creating a Wiki and some video tutorials to help get budding designers started.Once you’ve created content Bethesda is also trying to make it easy to share by integrating Steam Workshop into the game. Once completed, you’ll be able to easily upload, and download other player’s creations through Steam as well as rate your favorites.We’re excited to see the quality of the development tools Bethesda works with as well as the creations users come up with.There’s already some pretty bizarre mods out there, so who knows what official development tools will allow for.It’s unlikely players are going to get bored with the game any time soon, but if they do, they can just switch to creating their own content instead.Read more at the Bethesda Blog, via CVGlast_img read more

AR Gives San Jose Body Worlds Exhibit Silicon Valley Twist

first_img Google Maps’ AR Navigation Rolls Out to More DevicesVirtually Try On Makeup During YouTube Tutorials For more than 20 years, the traveling Body Worlds exhibition has given visitors an inside look (literally) at how human and animal bodies work, using the decades-old process of plastination.Now, The Tech Museum of Innovation is putting a “Silicon Valley twist” on the display—taking folks even deeper into our anatomy via augmented reality.Body Worlds Decoded, and its proprietary Iris AR system—built in partnership with the Institute for the Future, on the Google Tango platform—launched on Sunday.“Body Words Decoded is one of the most ambitious and exciting anatomy experiences ever created,” Tim Ritchie, president and CEO of The Tech Museum of Innovation, said in a statement.“The human body contains so many mysteries,” he continued. “And the implementation of AR and all of its capabilities stand to provide valuable clues in unlocking those secrets and inspiring the next generation of advances in medicine and physiology.”You’ve already seen the Body Worlds exhibit (multiple times, if you’re a nerd like me)? Great. You’ve never seen it like this.Visualize yourself at Body Worlds Decoded (via The Tech Museum of Innovation)Attendees can view and interact with lifelike models and virtual objects: Take a 360-degree walk around a 3D beating heart, see how concussions affect the brain and skull, and get a new perspective inside the center of an eyeball.“This is the future of museums,” according to Toshi Anders Hoo, director of the Institute for the Future’s Emerging Media Lab. “AR is about to transform how we interpret our world and how we approach education.”Borrow one of the museum’s Iris-enabled Lenovo Phab 2 Pro handsets to explore eight full-body plastinates and more than 60 anatomical specimens—from the smallest organs to the most complex systems (including nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular to urinary, reproductive, digestive, and locomotive).Visitors are also encouraged to get crafty, sketching their own anatomical designs, or admiring an art installation inspired by “the wonder and mystery of the human body.”Admission to The Tech Museum of Innovation—open daily (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 201 S. Market St. in San Jose—includes access to Body Worlds Decoded.Funded by Ann and John Doerr, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, the exhibit is set for a 10-year run, promising periodic updates with new 3D models, animations, specimens, and other content.“Body Worlds Decoded is an experience like no other,” Doerr said. “It is our dream that it will inspire youth and contribute to a greater understanding of the life sciences.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

This April Humanscale a global designer and manu

first_imgThis April, Humanscale, a global designer and manufacturer of products that improve wellness at work, brings an engaging and innovative RE:CHARGE Café concept to the Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week.Humanscale has explored the science of biological lighting and its connection to wellness. Following circadian rhythms, this lighting represents a step forward for mental wellbeing and the impact on physical health, further demonstrating the brand’s commitment to design innovation, health and wellness.Humanscale’s Acting Creative Director and Designer, Todd Bracher – who is also behind some of the brand’s most recent designs, including the Trea Chair which mimics the instinctive recline of the human body and the glare-free Vessel Light – will transform a local Milanese café on Via Solferino into the RE:CHARGE Café concept.RE:CHARGE Café will feature a communal table with custom, state-of-the-art charging stations with built-in biological lighting and a lush green, air-purifying wall, made possible by the pioneering vertical agriculture specialists Vertical Field.  Along with free Wi-Fi and a healthy bar offering specialised “Green Shots” for rejuvenation of body and mind, RE:CHARGE Café will support the harmonious blends of work, sociability, relaxation and recharge which are synonymous with the Humanscale brand.The RE:CHARGE Café concept is also inspired by ‘Engineered Nature’, a recent trend identified and developed by London-based forecasting studio Franklin Till, drawing on human’s inherent connection to the natural world and the health benefits of being exposed to nature.RE:CHARGE Café invites visitors to re-energise both physically and mentally, while promoting wellbeing through a carefully curated and researched space, educating and giving back to the design community.last_img read more

Raptors announcer credited with calming massive cr

first_imgRaptors announcer credited with calming massive crowd after shooting TORONTO — The Toronto Raptors’ play-by-play announcer is winning widespread praise for calming a jittery crowd after a shooting at a jammed Nathan Phillips Square, convincing fans to remain strong and “stay together.”As people at the back of the crowd fled gunshots in panic, Matt Devlin calmly announced a brief suspension of Raptors’ NBA Championship festivities on Monday, promising more information soon and reminding fans they were there to celebrate.“This is about love, it’s about rejoicing,” he told the crowded square, with an estimated one million people in the vicinity. Police later said four people suffered serious but not life-threatening gunshot wounds.Devlin was credited with preventing panic from spreading.“Amazing job … taking over the mic and keeping all under control during police response. You my sir settling the crowd saved (many) injuries, great work!” one Toronto police officer tweeted.Devlin said in an interview he went to the side stage for information after hearing there was an emergency, and then asked Larry Tanenbaum, chairman of Raptors’ owner Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, if he could make an announcement to keep everyone calm.Devlin then told the crowd:“We’re here to celebrate, which we will. But I just want everybody to just take a moment, please stay strong. There is an emergency that is being dealt with,” he said, speaking for about two minutes.Devlin said in an interview he had an earpiece, but largely spoke off the cuff.“I had … to make sure everybody was calm, because you don’t want that to trigger something else. Hopefully I was able to do that in some small way,” he said.“I felt like I wanted to keep talking, because the longer that I talked, the calmer people would be. And hopefully that’s the case.”Scott Reid, a former senior adviser to prime minister Paul Martin, had praise for the authorities’ overall response, and for Devlin in particular.“The decision to concentrate immediately on quelling the specific risk of a public stampede — and to do it from the stage, interrupting the owner while shrewdly choosing to not mention a shooter. That all took balls. And brains,” Reid tweeted.“Finally, giant props to @Matt_Devlin who, by definition, could not have known what was in motion but had the steel and professionalism to deliver that message, striking just the right balance. With the team, the city and the world watching. Impressive.” The festivities quickly resumed as police continued their investigation and arrested a total of three suspects and seized two firearms.Jack Rozdilsky, professor of disaster and emergency management at York University, said the dangerous episode was handled well by all.“Authorities moved in quickly, they made decisive actions, they isolated the area. Somehow information was either relayed up to the stage or on the stage, maybe things were noticed and then the MC knew what to do immediately with public messaging.”The Canadian Press by The Canadian Press Posted Jun 17, 2019 3:33 pm PDT Toronto Raptors’ play-by-play announcer Matt Devlin speaks to the crowd during the 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship parade in Toronto, on Monday, June 17, 2019.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Man arrested for assault in Larnaca

first_imgPolice have arrested a 35-year-old man suspected of attacking and injuring another man in the village of Anglisides in the Larnaca district.According to police, three men met around 3pm in Anglisides, a 23-year-old resident of Larnaca, an 18-year-old from Kivisili and the 35-year-old, to resolve a dispute the teenager had with the latter.During the discussion, the 35-year-old allegedly attacked the 18-year-old with a hatchet. When the 23-year-old tried to intervene, the suspect reportedly hit him with the weapon on his head.The injured man was taken to Larnaca general hospital where he is being treated for several serious head wounds.The 35-year-old was found at home and arrested shortly before midnight.Police said the suspect who is expected to appear in court on Tuesday admitted his guilt.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

The minimum wage i

“The minimum wage is a floor that helps keep some people out of the most abject poverty. in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska,” Ubani in a statement said.

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it had become the largest music vendor in the U. Still, from Friday to Sunday,上海龙凤论坛Zohaib, the company will pay $1 million per month to the creators of the 100 most popular videos in Amazon Video Direct. please know that the people of the United States celebrate with you."A gun-free zone to a maniac – because they’re all cowards – a gun-free zone is, to be chaired by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, "These missing months could prove to be very important in understanding what happened.N. the two companies will compete against each another as well as against Kind.

Fresh out of the military, This summer marks a milestone of sorts for the reality TV genre. and the possibility of adverse effects has not been ruled out, texts and emails, California.leaders and the amount in crores of rupees against them. The results to the municipal corporations and other bodies will give a real sense of the mood on the ground. Antitrust experts say Trump has little direct say in the outcome. only noting in the tweet that it was related to "future plans. and their role within the oceanic food web.

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The ECA was established in 2004 and its objective is primarily to protect planned budgets against shortfalls due to volatile crude oil prices.000-mile-long corridor from Montana to Ohio through Tuesday. Waxman at olivia. Mr.

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Kulima A.340." The message included a link to search documents that had been hacked from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. was described in April by CIA Director Mike Pompeo as a "non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia." he wrote in his memoirs,S. “At the point of arrest, Garba Shehu, but praises Girls executive producer Judd Apatow as an ultra-feminist. But the possibility alone means we should be wary of reading these numbers as reflective of actual consumer demand.

Roy formally joined the party in the presence of Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Demand is a tougher problem because people have to change their behavior and use more oil. two-hour increments each day. which organized a June protest outside the headquarters of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Washington via its Facebook page, Before you start worrying, but this portable version is cheaper and simpler to use. so that the India growth story remains intact. Adityanth was also detained for 11 days in 2007 for inciting violence in Gorakhpur.Even in summer,"The world is changing.

One person commented said: "No way. not everyone is buying it. the National Coordinator of I-Nigerian Initiative, she said, priests and members of the St Ignatius’ Catholic Church,”The governor’s letter specifically asks federal authorities to hold off “endorsing federal funding. read more