Shantou entrepreneurship entrepreneurs opened free settled platform

now college students entrepreneurship has attracted the whole society and encourage college students in the entrepreneurial process but also help solve the employment problem, recently, the Shantou area to youth entrepreneurship Park, has attracted considerable attention.

9 11, the eastern region’s first certified by the government of private nonprofit business platform "to youth entrepreneurship Park officially opened park. The park will be implemented by free rent, free management fees, free water charges and other three free measures, so that the real entrepreneurial enthusiasm and entrepreneurial ability of youth or team to achieve zero cost admission entrepreneurship. read more

What are the hot pot store decoration techniques

Hot pot store decoration is a natural need to brand and products closely together, if the decoration properly, consumers look comfortable, get a better consumer experience in the store, the store profitability has a positive effect, otherwise it will affect the profitability of the store. So how should we do it? If you are not very clear then come to learn about it.

A, Hot pot store decoration style, not too luxurious, but it should be very good set of atmosphere. Because the design is too luxurious, the cost will be relatively high, and may give the impression that the customer is to come here to spend, the cost will be relatively high. Can be determined according to the scheme Hot pot store grades, if it is a general low consumption shop, then style as simple as possible, if the conference is mostly relatively wealthy clients, you can get a little more ornate style, can reflect the overall image of the store. read more

How do the agriculture run Xu hui

someone just opened a shop, shouting too busy no free time. However, it was not only run a shop, as well as the need to take into account the needs of agriculture, and the two are operating booming, so many shop operators envy. The hero is on the sink, so, Xu Haihui is how to achieve "the commercial run"?

There is a new rush of cigarette retail stores –

Shandong Yantai Qixia Haiway Shewopo town Kuangcun. Although the store opening soon, but business is booming, cigarette sales and the structure of a number of business indicators and several surrounding villages are compared with the store". read more

Help entrepreneurship college students full analysis of business loans

college students interest free loans, is to encourage college graduates to start their own businesses and the establishment of a loan. For entrepreneurs themselves is interest free, relative to the bank is interest, but the state in order to encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment introduced the relevant policies, interest only by financial subsidies.

application conditions

1, identification;

2, students need to provide student ID card, transcripts;

3, graduate students have to provide graduation certificate, degree certificate; read more

Kunming southwest area new home prices rose the highest chain

2016 has been in the past half of the time, yesterday, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the 1-4 month, the price of housing in major cities in China, and the following Xiaobian look at it!

data show that in April Kunming (real estate) new commercial housing prices rose 0.8%. Among them, 90 square meters of new commercial housing prices rose 0.9%; 90 square meters to 144 square meters of new commodity housing prices rose 1.1%; more than 144 square meters of new commercial housing prices rose 0.3%. From the other three southwest of the provincial capital city, Guiyang new commercial housing prices rose 0.7%, Chongqing (real estate) rose 0.4%, Chengdu rose 0.6%, the month of Kunming belongs to the southwest area of the city with the highest prices of new homes rose. read more

How to open a successful brand tea shop

now more and more people to refine tea, tea is also a good way to leisure health. Today, the market development of tea industry is also increasingly hot, a lot of investment to the franchisee opened a tea brand store was in the industry of wealth, investment brand tea stores want to get a good income, you must have a good grasp of the method.

brand tea chain, the business area of less than 60 square meters. Brand tea is a high consumption of repetitive products. One is that many brands of tea varieties, two is because all consumers are Xixinyanjiu, now the tea brand chain store brand of tea are not accounted for a large proportion. Brand tea to do the characteristics of sales is that, if you can grasp the selling point of the brand tea, and can be a good introduction, brand tea is a repeat consumption is very strong, considerable sales of products. If you can not grasp the selling point of the brand tea, can not guide the customer consumption, relying on natural sales, then the brand tea varieties are filled with more like it. read more

What are the location of the store experience

as long as there are people who have entrepreneurial ideas actually know, if you want to set up shop business, it is necessary to do a good job related to the location of the work, so as to allow the business of the shop has a more prosperous development. However, for many entrepreneurs, in the end how should the site, but it has become a problem. In fact, how to choose the location of the shop is an experience to talk about. So, the steamed stuffed bun store location what experience? Let me see small series of. read more

Nanjing station registration system benefits many entrepreneurial team

a lot of young entrepreneurs dream are rent and other financial scare, in order to help the dream of youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial problem of Nanjing station registration system can better solve the people.

to start from zero entrepreneurs, rent, buy office equipment requires a lot of money. However, in Jiangsu City, Yuhuatai province software Valley, entrepreneurs can only rent a desk to register the enterprise, only 10 yuan a day to run.

into China (Nanjing) C District Yichuang software Valley Ebizal building space, the first is the eye of a coffee shop. Several young guests were sitting round the table, lively discussion of business plan. The passenger has no independent office, but they still go through the formalities of registration of enterprises and other enterprises, but has a fixed place of business, a position of these hit off the registration of enterprises is echung space, such as "0001 A1". read more

How to show the characteristics of western restaurant franchise

Western food has become a favorite way of eating, there are a lot of Western restaurants on the market, then, if you open a western restaurant, then how to open in order to show the characteristics of Western food? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

any piece of Western food is a cycle of its sales, selling Western food will end one day. Western food and beverage to join with other kinds of food compared to less, but the western food and beverage to join the change speed, short consumption cycle, the western food and beverage to join the food requirements are particularly high. How to show the characteristics of western restaurant franchise? Plus Western-style food catering to join the frequent promotion activities, Western-style food catering franchise investors must complete the promotion work in the shop planning, seat placed in the process as soon as possible! Western-style food catering franchise to show their own characteristics read more

Tea shop how to make money site

many people like to drink milk tea, taste good, but also to bring people a good mood. Some entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to open their own tea shop. As everyone knows, to open a tea shop, you must first choose a good location, then the tea shop how to location more money?

community entrance

is now a large community has gradually improved to become a separate social life area, a variety of functions is very complete, like the Internet cafes below, the supermarket business has always been very fire. Choose the community population density, good position of commercial and civil building door open a unique, advanced mode of operation of the tea shop, people at leisure will frequently benefit CD, are generally good. read more

Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver water gold seal was located at the national level cultural relics

is located in Sichuan Meishan, the water "Jiangkou Shen Yin Ruins of a batch of 50 before immersion silver, two silver and a gold seal found in the book of cultural relics, with important historical value.

1 5, "Zhang Xianzhong found in the center area of Jiangkou silver deposition site" a batch of precious cultural relics found in the mysterious veil, engraved with the "Atlantic" and "reign of the Silver King Award" gold and silver coins, the most precious is 12 cm long, 10 cm wide, weighs 730 grams, a moment the closure of book 29 words, was identified as a national heritage. read more

Man suffered health girlfriend sent a distress signal to friends

beauty care more and more attention, healthy life should develop a good habit, but the beauty of health too small series that there is no need. Recently, a man suffering from health girlfriend, forced to stand up, sending a distress signal to the user.

he work for a magazine in Wuhan, cheerful, love to eat not to stick at trifles, "hardcore". Last month, in the physical examination found that his body mass index some overweight, gastrointestinal problems.

read more

Mianyang three County Federation of trade unions issued entrepreneurship support gold 170 thousand y

entrepreneurial boom from large and medium cities gradually extended to the county town, the real people to achieve entrepreneurship. Mianyang three counties to help entrepreneurs to help farmers, college students, laid-off workers to build a harmonious social environment.

11 25, 2009, Mianyang City, the County Federation of trade unions held in 2015 to support entrepreneurship funding ceremony, He Qianghua, chairman of the Standing Committee of the County Federation of trade unions attended and spoke. read more

n the words of alumni entrepreneurial story

innovation can learn each other by way of communication, increase business experience, in Haikou, a major alumni talk about the story of entrepreneurship, believe in their communication, can be more in-depth understanding of the connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship.

9, the "natural health · · innovation" as the theme of the 2016 Global Forum of Zhongshan University Alumni Association in Haikou curtain. From the United States, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions in the world, the president of the Alumni Association, the representative of the domestic young entrepreneurs alumni, Alumni Association and the Alumni Association of more than 400 people gathered in Hainan. Zhongshan University president Luo Jun keynote speech. read more

Women’s shop decoration should pay attention to these details

women are visual animals, in the time to buy clothes, women will give priority to their own look at the comfort of the shop, so the decoration of the women’s clothing is very important. Women’s shop decoration which style of choice, often people are more concerned about the problem. So the women’s clothing in the decoration of the attention to what? How to put on a unique style? Today Xiaobian for everyone weapon.

first decoration style. Women’s clothing store decoration in the form of beauty shop decoration, the choice of which style, often people are more concerned about the problem. Modern style, classical style, Chinese style, European style, postmodernism and Barok. The choice of the style of decoration to be consistent with the style of women’s clothing, which is an important principle to determine the shop decoration style. read more