Website development insists that you can persist in innovation and you can innovate

first, I would like to thank everyone for the support of Baidu music station, I would come to Admin5 net to buy the website, want to find a site acquisition, but always not satisfied, I can not afford the high flow and low flow, feel loss, I believe we have a kind of feeling with me. Now, let me talk about my music station,


the first thing on the Internet every day is on the NET network, every time it is home – Baidu – appear in front of you. Just at that time I also in the acquisition of the site, before this is to download, and do not know what song, distressed to this, so I had an idea, why not put the player on Baidu up? This can increase the interest in web pages can also stand on the quiet, usually at home the Internet is in order to enter the unreal network world, you may have noticed, at this time, all around you are quiet, no speech and music. So I created the music version of Baidu. read more

Wang Yihui what is the most important thing to do the website

what is the most missing website? Lack of technology, lack of promotion, lack of space, or lack of market? I think these are not the most missing sites, and most of them should be talent. With the development of network, human society is gradually entering the era of knowledge economy. The core of knowledge economy is the competition of intelligence, and the core of intelligence competition is the competition of talents.

network era of two types of talent, is a technology, or as a type of natural science, planning, or called social science and technology talents can make products to occupy the commanding heights of technology, planning talents can make your products to occupy the commanding heights of the economy market according to this, two kinds of personnel, will undoubtedly lay ahead of the site. Technical personnel are hardware, and planning talents are software. Planning talents by virtue of their abundant accumulation of ideas, insight into the development of the industry mysteries, research and demonstration, guide website strategy, product planning, marketing planning, and they are the site of competition in the soul. read more

Why 90% of the webmaster have technology but can’t make money

yesterday was birthday, today is national day. Write something.

I started surfing the Internet in 1999 and started doing my homepage. Here is 10 years. But there is not much money, now is 30 thousand. It should be said that they have lost so much time and energy, they have lost money.

yesterday, go around the temple and MM, Xi’an knows, is the big wild goose pagoda. Tang Seng learned the place of preaching Buddhism after coming back. Although I feel that the monk in the journey to the west is incompetent, but the real life of the master Xuan is worthy of respect. The webmaster should learn from Xuan Zang: only after 99 to eighty-one to take to the scriptures. Sometimes like to bring MP3, in the big wild goose pagoda square quietly thinking: why, he did not make money?! read more

SEO Optimization Analysis Guide

through the website search engine optimization system, outside the station to adjust, the real purpose of the optimized code, making the site more search engine friendly to search engine ranking rules, so as to achieve the perfect keyword ranking. Enterprise websites do SEO, similar to other websites. So, enterprise website should do more SEO optimization to benefit


keyword analysis

For example, the

crab station the whole search engine optimization process is based on keywords, search engine optimization, make the products and key words effect is absolutely good or bad. Keywords analysis includes (target keywords, long tail keywords, keyword marketing, hot search keywords, related keywords) and so on, so the keyword analysis process is not sloppy. read more

Wheel operations director Qiu Shuang Community operations in different stages of operation strategy

The goal of

‘s search for core users is that the seed users in the community must be higher than the target users, because in ancient times there was a saying called "fetch"".

infancy: protection period, training cognitive ability,

tries his best to find the best seed user,

The goal of

‘s search for core users is that the seed users in the community must be higher than the target users, because in ancient times there was a saying called "fetch"". So when you find a good KOL user, he may not have your KOL user so good, if you look for ordinary users according to the seed users, users may be attracted to you just a little more users than they. So, when looking for seed users, be sure to try your best to find the best users you can find, especially at the beginning of the product. read more

Where is the ZS debate

What is the "

ZS controversy"? That stood in a row to search outside VS (ZS debate debate): refers to stand in a row of forum members as the representative of the owners and to search the forum members on behalf of the owners, about whether to adhere to the user interaction and user transactions as the core site operating profit, still insist on in order to optimize SEO (mainly the chain) a major controversy as the core operating profit of the website.

simply said, ZS debate is the user’s trading profits and profits of the chain, ranking, profit two mainstream business ideas collision. read more

B2C pharmaceutical providers Blue Ocean problems and Solutions

normal B2C pharmaceutical business officially entered the people from the vision of the 2005 (excluding those with a single page bid to do fake or false propaganda, illegal businesses) for 7 years, the regular online drug sales to nearly 100% annual growth rate of rapid growth. According to foreign B2C pharmaceutical business data, the domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry is still in its infancy in 2013 completely, authority is expected to 3-5 times sales should be able to reach 2012, B2C pharmaceutical business although in many electric businessman’s eyes are a blue sea, but the problems are very much. To sum up, there are the following major issues: read more

From the slow growth of public comment WeChat entrance theory shattered

from the slow growth of public comment, see WeChat entrance theory shattered

This view

WeChat entrance "as equal to anything already popular, many Tencent in strategic investment, will put WeChat entrance negotiations with partners as the biggest bargaining chip, but now it seems that public comment is to eat a big stuffy.

Tencent stake in public comment, when it was considered as the whole group buying market reshuffle big deal, public comment in order to get WeChat local life service entrance, paid a huge price. Senior media man Zhao Nan once analyzed, public comment in order to occupy a seat in WeChat this position, in fact, spent a net worth of $690 million shares of read more

DC industry after the incident reflection webmaster to improve initiative

Last week

IDC industry "primitive" Juankuan escape after the incident, the discussion of the incident gradually calmed down, the industry began to reflect on why a similar incident repeated? Suffer losses in the event the webmaster, also gradually put down his anger, looking for solution and to recoup their losses.

webmaster network article, "IDC industry, please do not create opportunities for second ‘primitive people’, and called on the industry to formulate relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible to protect the healthy development of the industry.". This article considers the feasibility of establishing trade norms from the three aspects of the relevant departments, competitors and consumers. Industry norms are not words appeal, but also hope to be able to implement specific actions. read more

[case] how to redefine the commercial logic of online shopping rebate

rebate website is a kind of shopping guide with "Chinese characteristics" developed with the growth of Taobao. A simple point of view, is the business (Taobao store) to the rebate website advertising as a portion of profits distributed to consumers, and calling "rebate", make the difference.

in the practical operation, promotion mode rebate website can easily cause businesses antipathy, many businesses will find that, originally good is purchased by the user, to allow businesses to "cheap", "rebate site can be cheaper, the boss you directly to a ten percent off." Thus, the rebate website in the purchase process of "sense of presence" for businesses, but the value is weak. One did not bring new users, and even lower the loyalty of old users, and finally let businesses lost normal profits. Of course, this is also the cause of Taobao’s policy adjustments to the rebate site. read more

nterpretation of mobile experiments in watercress how to build a vertical class Apps Legion

PingWest just in the "beauty regiment vertical film APP renamed" cat’s movie "the report of the United States Mission mobile Internet strategy: not only on their group purchase client, but turned to face vertical market segments App. Now, let’s look at another company that has started segmenting and independent App in the mobile world — watercress.


has launched 10 applications on mobile terminal: watercress group, watercress, watercress, watercress movie broadcast music, watercress, watercress, watercress, watercress reading books single notes, online activities, watercress watercress FM. "The idea that a App can do only one thing" is reflected in the movement strategy of bean bean. In fact, watercress this decision is not out of "theory", but from the user behavior data they — today, watercress monthly has 100 million times the user login, most of their behavior in 1~2 thing, some heavy users do more. read more

Did a year in Ali sun drying report card

data more sensitive, please forgive me, if you are interested in my topic, I will contribute a lot of detailed data to you.

today to joke with friends, to write a book "an entrepreneur’s" history of blood and tears. But man, although much blood and tears, but also have to bite the bullet and then quite.

my career has entered the seventh year, some problems now in the heart tangled, could not help but take out on two words, forgive me.

I started 03 wholesale clothing business in Guangzhou, began to rent a small stalls, every day with the war, desperately, for two years, I have accumulated a pot of gold. read more

A public number is only 27 powder how to do the first article reading amount of millions

began in September 3rd, an article "in 1984, there is a Sichuan people in Tiananmen with Sichuan words review the armed forces (shock video)" article, brush the frequency of Sichuan people’s circle of friends.

however, the first public number to publish this article is only a new number of 27 fans. 3 days: reading quantity 1 million 130 thousand, forwarding + collection 80 thousand and 5, point like 7 thousand, powder 2 thousand.

at the same time, another local life trumpet (fan 2 thousand) late for an hour or so, reading quantity 750 thousand, forwarding + collection 50 thousand and 5, point like 3 thousand and 5, powder 1 thousand and 3. read more

An employee of the six months of Web site operation hard experience

today, the non mainstream Chinese network ( has been in operation for half a year, the website from poor double digit IP to four digits, as a worker, in all sorts of joys and sorrows experienced only to really understand. Do standing is a protracted war, in your insistence, this is really true, every night home, I will stay in front of the computer, constantly updated, looking at the increasing IP, my hard work or comfort.

recalled that the template is trying to release just completed. At that time, did not hang an ad, silently updated, Google included, Yahoo included, three digit IP on the site. Exciting is that half a month later, Baidu included the website to break through 500IP. So, I slowly see the commercial atmosphere. One of Ali’s mother’s ad hung up. Remember when the first ad was sold, it was so hard to calm down. The website that oneself makes can make profit for the first time, after the advertisement position is booked fully, after joining the first video, the website can support oneself, read more

Liu ya engaged in network promotion needs long term accumulation of 4 kinds of baby

is now engaged in network promotion is more and more, you can search in the recruitment websites, found that there are a lot of companies are offering such a position, the electronic commerce momentum is also getting better and better, more and more enterprises have gradually realized the role of network marketing, the network push the industry practitioners, the longer people more advantages, relatively speaking, engaged in network promotion of low threshold, as long as you can use the computer will be able to type, even if you are not what can start, from the old rookie to master to master, is a continuous effort and accumulation process, in this process, there are 4 what is very important. read more

Do books sales website optimization experience

in the blink of an eye, the contact book has been for 5 years, and during these 5 years, I have been engaged in the work of electronic commerce book industry website, including website construction, network promotion, is the most important part of the online bookstore and education training site SEO. Beijing has done examination Bookstore in Beijing Bookstore Building, Guangtong Technology Bookstore, a test online education website, here is my some experience in recent years to tell you.

of course, the first site of SEO is not too successful, just last year, I will concentrate to study books website how to optimize the site, not only to bring traffic, and accurate positioning of the moment to get users visitors into customers. I went to Beijing to start the optimization test that bookstore keywords, keyword only brought to the site a few traffic, but traffic is very effective, many of which are directly into the customer, but the flow is not sufficient to support a medium-sized website, so I changed my thinking, what is the customer to find books habits? Based on this, optimization, gradually make a detailed page in this examination network and examination of these 2 sites reflects the very full, almost all of the exam, they have to search the 2 websites, so I learn from their way of thinking, focus on the optimization of the test name, because the name has a relationship to test so, obviously, this part of the visitors certainly will be part of the book’s potential, but at the same time, the most important is to show more sites, increase the intangible value, win-win Effect, why not, read more

Quick build day P tens of thousands of pictures station

, this article is not bragging, as long as you do it carefully, you can’t reach 10 thousand IP, you hit me!


nonsense, do not say, you must also know that the webmaster now has a lot of play points into the game of navigation station, this kind of station most of the edge, but the flow is also very amazing. In addition, there is a traffic Union, which is more than I say, traffic is not generally large. To Admin5 home advertising position to find a find, at least can also find several similar sites out. read more

Why the unpopular enterprise network operation is not deep

unpopular enterprises usually refer to enterprises that are not easy to be concerned about in life, such as scissors, burglarproof door and all kinds of industrial raw materials. However, with the development of Internet information technology, more and more enterprises through the introduction of popular Internet thinking, such as taxi drops, so fresh electricity supplier in the field of Internet has gained many achievements, even more than the original line of production profits, which makes many popular business owners see blush, is not their own can also get huge profit through the Internet? And a number of popular enterprises began to enter the internet. read more

Talking about the influence of new and old websites on webpage collection

recently, I changed my title to many stations, and even some of them changed to other websites directly. I talk about the website domain name change, title or website theme relation, talk about what we should pay attention to when we use old domain name station,


uses Baidu included a long time domain has a great advantage, with the weights of the old domain name have a lot of time a lot of links, so the domain name itself has a high weight, for the other main base keyword optimization easily do rankings, but although sometimes very large, in the use of the process also need to pay attention to many otherwise, improper use may lead to domain name search engine to be scrapped, the domain name you pull the black. read more

Two months of life experience

unconsciously has done two months of webmaster, do webmaster before seven every day to get up, become webmaster, every day after half past four get up. Do webmaster dream before is on the job, become webmaster dream after all web site thing. Become the webmaster before getting up, the first thing is brush your teeth, wash your face, become a webmaster after getting up, the first thing is to open the computer to see the site rankings and traffic. Before becoming a webmaster, the first thing to go home from work is to turn on the TV. After becoming a webmaster, the first thing is to turn on the computer. Be a webmaster, the former wife always nag yourself, do nothing, become webmaster after the wife always said, husband, you too hard. Become a webmaster, sleep always insomnia, become webmaster, lie down to sleep. read more