To avoid the unexpected trouble right down blog Shenxing

blog in the search engine, some owners in the registered blog, every blog will often make a friendship with each other, but the binary reminds: at present the search engine on the blog hit is very heavy, the blog page is best not to carry out "self inter station" Links. At the same time in the home station link also don’t add up, otherwise it is easy to search engine recognition. This is why the webmaster in exchange Links, not very willing to reason with the Links Links to link several fortunately, if the chain is a typical read more

The Shanghai dragon theory than practice

master in Folk: just to fix the toilet of the master asked me how to find his search, I said. " what search engine? Love Shanghai? Noble baby? " " noble baby " I answer. Keywords " " what?, originally, toilets are just his sideline, he allied Shanghai dragon.

wake up, Shanghai dragon Er group raged last night love Shanghai update, N website weight drop, but many not after Shanghai Longfeng optimized website will go up, of course, library, love Shanghai Post Bar, Wikipedia is definitely on the rise of the team. A recent study found that many Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, love Shanghai heat about 200 words, only dozens of blogs one-way links to be top of the first page of the noble baby, 1 time a month. It is a good blog Shanghai dragon resources, have time to get website promotion practitioners, can keep about 10 of the personal blog, can be used to update the blog group software. read more

From the perspective of Shanghai dragon jumei贵族宝贝 URL analysis problem

recently has been the concern of the cosmetic industry, love Shanghai search for "cosmetics", this website found that jumei贵族宝贝 ranked sixth, but has been in love with hireign brand website, the website that is worth to trust, but the owners of Shanghai Longfeng perspective from the perspective of URL in the analysis of the jumei贵族宝贝, but found a lot of the problem, then the author collected about these problems, hope to get more friends advice.

in the figure, we see what we see the problem with jumei贵族宝贝’s two level domain name, in use process, the two level domain is not exist as another column, but as the main station and share the purpose of flow exists, similar in the two level domain name and host title as you can see, open or with a program, that is to say these two domain names and the master is the same, thus causing the domain name under a lot of repetition, the worst is the separation of repetitive content caused by the station master quilt weight. read more

Fuzhou Han Jia decoration how website keywords fast row combat

update is one of the main contents of Shanghai dragon, the rank of the website also rely on basic articles to get. Shanghai dragon day 1/3 of their work time should be in writing, although boring, but it is also necessary to do, can not rely on keyword ranking up him.

two, web log analysis

query The

three, Fuzhou Han Jia decoration how site keywords mining

anchor chain within the site

six, Fuzhou Han Jia.

a lot of Shanghai dragon will think keywords mining is the preliminary work, this is a false concept. Because of the keyword index will change over time, the search needs of users is the same, so you can use more love Shanghai demand index profile keywords. Can a few days or a week to do a long tail keywords, not only helps to write their own articles, also contributes to the website development. read more

n Shanghai dragon year sharing some small experience

first, Shanghai dragon is a must endure loneliness, can withstand the pressure of the industry. Each company bosses are watching the final effect rather than go to the middle to require fast, fast, fast! Shanghai dragon is a long-term work out of work, you will stand up to other people’s strange vision, to the top of the live skeptical public opinion, only to endure these, you will then let people sit up and take notice. As I am now working part-time portal to an industry, the boss asked keyword is "part-time", and the heat of Shanghai home and love as can be imagined, 58 have been filled and go to the market, how could result in a short time! Finally in my constant efforts, the key words were "part-time" I did the first three pages, the boss also admitted that my ability. read more

Novice webmaster how to layout the chain of health effectively

second: for the novice webmaster, always too eager, because this kind of mood often decorate garbage outside the chain and the anchor text links, so as to cause fatal damage to the site. Too impatient novice webmaster would love using bulk software at the forum to release a large number of the chain, in the short term this way can increase the chain, but the quality of the chain will be in a complete mess, for a long time, the chain will also be the forum administrator deleted, the final ranking of the site will be greatly affected, even when serious, the site will be K off. This forum mass way or to walk away. read more

The webmaster do to mature from the novice webmaster webmaster

, for example, do the station is equivalent to teach students, if you start with the idea to teach the students.

The basic work of Within the chain

the content of the website is the only thing can make users stay eye, because the task you do well, but the content is not good enough, also cannot keep users in terms of content, must have their own characteristics, if it is done Taobao store or learn web design, the know how to do a good job be nothing difficult. Because the site outside the chain, users can not see, but see the content is intuitive. Recommended the station early to set up the "real users or service" this concept to do things, you do feel very tired, even no start feeling it, let alone to do this thing. read more

To improve website weight of love Shanghai

second, in addition to stability, but also have interesting content, if we click into the website, the content is not absolutely empty, what, how to attract people? So it is to be noted.

!The original

, the first to do their own site stability, some sites are always in the maintenance system and maintenance system will have a damaging natural, someone else is not open the site, nor even the least stability, what about the traffic? What about robustness? So, it is necessary to do.

love Shanghai? read more

The principle of good temper and analysis lead spider web site

Er have many Shanghai dragon spider was a person, has its own preferences, has its own principles, you work with it, it will give you collected enough to website also diligent, you do not match it, it will be right down. Some principles of preferences and here I will talk about the spider.

spider man, the first time, will give the spider left a deep impression, it will remember your website is what to do, remember the title of your website, remember your layout, if you do not let these spiders look down, then your website the first page included time may be more than ordinary people more than 1-2 weeks, or even longer, and when it has a note of this, you can not change, the big changes to the end, you know, to be changed in the best spider not come your site change. read more

The new Shanghai dragon how to do layout sketch

finally is the content page layout sketch. And the list page >

finished the home after the next sketch, the layout of the page is a list of. For the enterprise website, the website layout includes two parts, one is the product list page, a page is a list of articles. List page layout mainly includes three blocks, one is the sidebar settings, a piece of content is placed, and a block, a block is the most important, that is the breadcrumb navigation design. Because the top, including LOGO, the main navigation, home page, list page, content page is the same, so we need only consider the sidebar and list of contents and bread crumbs can. List of products are generally used to show pictures, and the page is generally used in the form of anchor text, our website must be added to the picture ALT tag. Note that the sidebar of the list page and page placement must not be the same. read more