Museum of Natural History Going to the Dogs

first_imgThe Museum of Natural History in Halifax is going to the dogs forthree days. The fun begins Friday, Oct. 24 — a provincewide in-service dayfor public schools — and continues until Sunday, Oct. 26 with aseries of events and display featuring all kinds of dogs, bothwild and domestic. Coyotes, wolves and foxes may be canine cousins to our familydogs, but they have different social lives, diets andrelationships with humans, all of which will be examined duringthe event. Museum zoologist Andrew Hebda says wild dogs exist on everycontinent except Antarctica. “Nova Scotia is no exception. Ourprovince is home to coyotes and foxes, and once to wolves. Dogsare pack animals with instincts to herd their group; it is traitssuch as these that have been fined tuned in domestic dogs, likeborder collies, which are bred to herd sheep.” Visitors to the museum will enjoy Dogs with Jobs, featuring apolice dog from the Halifax Regional Police Service caninedivision, Alaskan malamute sled dogs, St. John Ambulance therapydogs, sheep herding border collies and partner guide dogs for thevisually impaired. There will also be entertaining performances of flyball, frisbeeand agility dogs. More than 100 dogs will participate in variousactivities over the three days. And owners will learn a thing or two also. Dogs need and enjoyexercise and training, says Margaret Bond of the All Round K-9Sports Club. “We show how it can be achieved in a beneficial waythat is fun for both the dog and the owner. Our K-9 agilitycourses and our version of Canine Idol, a doggy twist on thepopular Canadian Idol, demonstrates how dogs truly like to learnand play, and its entertaining too.” Booths on grooming, alternative medicine, food, and doggy daycarewill also be available. Presentations will include SPCA Dogs MakeGood Pets Too, The Secret Lives of Wolves, and a fabulous displayof wolf photographs by local photographer Len Wagg. “The Museum Goes to the Dogs event was offered at the Nova ScotiaMuseum of Natural History seven years ago and visitors have beenasking us to do it again,” says Alex Wilson, museum manager.”This time we’ll make it bigger and better with a grand finale onSunday – The Fashion Show of Breeds — featuring some of ourmost poplar pooches.” Shows, talks and demonstrations will be held throughout theweekend. For specific times, call the museum information line at902-424-6099 or visit the Web site at: . Admission to the Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer St., is$3 for adults and $2 for youths aged 6 to 17 years. A family rate of $7.50 is available for one adult and children or two adultsand children. Children under five are admitted free. The event isopen to participating dogs only.last_img read more